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Arcait (ARchive of Constitutions of Ancient ITaly)

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The Project-website (ARchive of Constitutions of Ancient ITaly), online since May 2014, is an open-access platform that provides modern bibliography (Bibliographical Archive), inscriptions and literary sources (Documental Archive), photos, maps, etc. (Image Archive) relevant to the study of the political and constitutional history of the populations of ancient Italy and their communities. In particular, the section Documental Archive contains reports of original literary and epigraphic texts, with both English and Italian translation, and the related modern bibliography. In the section Bibliographical Archive summaries of the content are also provided for many titles.

In summary, this is the first and unique website offering to students and scholars fast and effective access to all material necessary to understand these topics.

I and my colleagues constantly keep on collecting and updating the bibliography, as well the epigraphic, literary and photographic documentation.

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